We are Plumbers

What exactly is plumbing? Glad you asked, here is more than you probably ever wanted to know: Plumbing is a system that conveys fluids, from one place to another, that is used for a wide range of applications. Plumbing, as we know it today, uses pipes, valves, plumbing fixtures, tanks, and other various methods to convey fluids into or out of your home, business, or industrial building. Some common uses for plumbing include but are not limited to: heating and cooling(HVAC) systems, waste removal, and potable water delivery. The word “plumbing” is derived from the Latin for lead, plumbum…the predominant metal used in pipes during Roman era were lead.

We service all aspects of your plumbing systems which includes, drain cleaning, pipe repair/installation, servicing and replacing of steam and hot water boilers, back-flow prevention, sump pump installation and service, installing garbage disposals, water and sewer service repairs, bathroom fixture installation, sewage system repair and installation, bathroom renovations, and much, much more.


Water Heater Service and Sales

Is your water heater acting up? Let us come out and repair or replace it for you. We offer energy efficient, named brand water heaters at very affordable prices.

Boiler Sales, Replacement, Repair, and Installation

Is your boiler on the fritz and acting up? Let us come diagnose the issue and repair it, and if we cannot, we offer some affordable options for replacement.

Backflow Prevention

Backflow prevention refers to the prevention of an undesirable reversal of flow of a liquid, gas, or suspended solid into the potable water supply;  There are points where your potable water system connects with a non-potable water system, and they are called cross connections. For example, some appliances, like your clothes washer or dishwasher have backflow prevention devices built in. As you can imagine, these pieces must be carefully and properly designed and installed to prevent the backflow of non-potable or gray water into your fresh water supply. Another common location for backflow prevention is the connection of a fire suppression or sprinkler system to a water main. It prevents the undesirable flow of a liquid, gas, or into the potable water supply; a backflow preventer is designed to keep this from happening. We here at Webster Plumbing specialize and licensed with the state of New Jersey in all facets of Backflow prevention.

Drain Cleaning

Have a backed up drain that some liquid drain cleaner can’t handle? Give us call and we’ll get that drain flowing as soon as possible.

Sewage Service

Need a sewage pump, sump pump, septic pump replacement, or any other type of sewage system service? We’ve got you covered.

Commercial Plumbing Services

We are more than just a residential plumbing company, we also specialize in industrial and other commercial plumbing services.

Appliance Installation

Need your washer or dish washer professionally installed, we can do that as well.